- 28/10/17

Chez Marques Avenue, pas question de devenir démodé.

« Menacé par la concurrence d’Internet, l’un des plus vieux outlet d’Ile-de-France met la touche finale à ses travaux de rénovation. Ils devraient être terminés en début d’année prochaine. Début 2018, cette grande galerie de boutiques à prix dégriffés aura achevé sa mue. (…) »


- 01/11/17

Marques avenue, départ pour la rénovation

« Concepts&Distribution retrousse ses manches. Le numéro un français de l’outlet se lance dans la rénovation de ses sites de région parisienne. Après l’extension du Marques Avenue A6 (Corbeil-Essones), il reprend de rénover les Marques Avenue de l’Ile-Saint-Denis (72 boutiques sur 1400 m2) et de Franconville. (…) »


- 30/11/17

Le modèle Marques Avenue

« Les curieux et les accros du shopping étaient massés derrière le portail de Marques Avenue hier matin, pour être les premiers à découvrir les 13 nouvelles enseignes ouvertes sur le site [de Romans]. « On en profite pendant que les enfants sont à l’école », glissait Marie-José Perrin avant de se précipiter vers les nouvelles boutiques, en priorité Guess et Ikks. (…) »


- 31/10/17

Outlet : Concepts & Distribution choisit pour seul nom « Marques Avenue »

« Quai des Marques va disparaître en 2018. Le groupe Concepts & Distribution, qui gère sept pôles Marques Avenue et deux Quai des Marques, s’appellera à compter du 1er janvier Marques Avenue, de même que l’ensemble de ces centres de marques, a appris FashionNetwok.com. (…) »


- 31/10/17

"Internet a ancré l'achat de marques en déstockage dans les esprits"

« Le groupe Concepts & Distribution prendra en janvier prochain le nom de son enseigne phare, Marques Avenue, que porteront aussi bientôt les deux outlets Quai des Marques. A l’heure où les magasins de Franconville, de L’Île-Saint-Denis et de Romans connaissent des rénovations et extensions, (…) »

An answer for everything!

- 30/09/12

Special report on back-to-school: find bargains for the whole family

« You’ll think it’s sale time all year long at factory outlets and name-brand centers like Marques Avenue and Quai des Marques, where previous collections are directly destocked by the brands. »

Articles written by Katy le Moël – published in the September issue

The Smart Shopping Site

- 27/06/12

Sales and more sales at Marques Avenue

« In the Marques Avenue outlets, tags are marked down twice: prices which are easy on the pocketbook for a magic moment and sales add up to make Petit Bateau, Bel Air or Sandro available at an even lower price. »

Article written by the editorial staff and published on June 27, 2012


- 30/04/12

Snap up the bargains: you can’t find clothing at a lower price than this

Take advantage of unsold items or items with a minor defect, right there where they’re made. If you live close to a clothing factory, find out more information. Otherwise, the Marques Avenue and Quai des Marques shopping centers bring together a number of factory outlets.

Article by Chantal Masson.


- 02/04/12

Marques Avenue knows how to make stunning mark-downs

« Marques Avenue (Concepts & Distribution Group), a logo featuring six outlet shopping centers and brand-name villages in France, is carrying out a new campaign. (…) Three visuals designed by the H Agency illustrate the tagline: Great Brands and Great Bargains, All Year Long. »

Article written by the editorial staff.

Le Parisien, Val d’Oise

- 14/09/12

Key result: one ton

« The collection of clothing and shoes for the Secours Populaire Français volunteer association which was organized this week at the Quai des Marques shopping center in Franconville, was a rousing success. On the first day, one ton of items was collected, requiring reinforced arrangements. (…) »

Article written by the editorial staff and published on September 14, 2012.

Press review of the network:

Marques Avenue : A6 | L’Ile Saint-Denis | La Séguinière | Romans | Talange | Troyes Mode | Troyes Maison

Quai des Marques : Bordeaux | Franconville

The Marques Avenue
and Quai des Marques saga

The Marques Avenue and Quai des Marques saga continues

With the goal of promoting the outlet concept of brand-name outlet centers and villages, CONCEPTS & DISTRIBUTION implements destination sites by combining leading brands with an original, high-quality architecture.

As the national market leader, the Marques Avenue network continues its development by studying different implantations which meet a combination of very specific criteria.

With a preference for dense shopping areas, the future Marques Avenue projects will generally be located near agglomerations benefiting from a large volume of traffic, whether they are regional or touristic.

Discover the different projects

Marques Avenue A13

First Factory Outlet Village west of Paris, located 30 minutes from Paris, along the A13 highway, on the main road for weekends in Normandy, Marques Avenue A13 and its 68 stores of prime retailers have an exclusive configuration in an authentic village, built around a unique landscaped area, becoming a full-fledged destination. The village is even open on Sundays!

Discover the center

Marques Avenue A6

The latest network center, Marques Avenue A6 is the second Marques Avenue in the Paris region and the only brand-name outlet center in the southern Paris area. Opened in 2008, it benefits from an exceptional location where the A6 highway crosses the Francilienne route and features an exceptional offer of leading ready-to-wear and sports brands for men, women and children.

Discover the center

Quai des Marques Bordeaux

Just twenty minutes by foot from the city center on Quai des Chartrons, Quai des Marques Bordeaux has become the indispensible meeting place on the Garonne River for Bordeaux residents looking for an original commercial offer. Its 34 stores featuring leading brands at reduced prices all year long and 13 restaurants with terraces make Quai des Marques Bordeaux the destination of all smart shoppers.

Discover the center

Marques Avenue La Séguinière

Found along the road leading to the essential tourist destinations on the Atlantic beaches, Marques Avenue La Séguinière is a unique site designed by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Play areas with wood equipment for children and deck chairs arranged around a vast basin make it an unbeatable rest stop in the region.

Discover the center

Marques Avenue Talange

Located at the crossroads of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, Marques Avenue Talange is a reference site for fans of clever shopping. In a green setting which recalls landscapes in the region, Marques Avenue Talange brings together 81 stores featuring prestigious brands.

Discover the center

Marques Avenue Romans

The only brand-name outlet center in the south of France and the first French-style name-brand discount village, Marques Avenue Romans and its 70 stores featuring top brands offer visitors a truly enjoyable shopping spot on the vacation highway, along with lavender gardens, picnic area and wood playground equipment for children.

Discover the center

Quai des Marques Franconville

Located 20 minutes from Porte Maillot on the weekend routes to Normandy, Quai des Marques Franconville has been the smart shopping destination of thousands of bargain-loving residents of the west Paris area for over 15 years. With Quai des Marques Franconville and its 95 stores featuring 370 leading home and fashion brands at unbeatable prices throughout the year, spending less is the stylish way to buy!

Discover the center

Marques Avenue
Troyes Maison & Décoration

The only site in France with a direct offer of home and interior decoration brand-name stores. Located just 600 m from Marques Avenue Troyes, Marques Avenue Maison & Décoration has grown through the loyalty and expert judgment of a numerous clientele.

Discover the center

Marques Avenue
L’Ile Saint-Denis

Next door to Paris and featuring 75 brand-name stores, Marques Avenue at Ile Saint-Denis is the preferred address of Paris fashionistas looking for bargains and trendy brands.

Discover the center

Marques Avenue Troyes Mode

As the historic capital of the knitting industry and textile factory outlet stores, Troyes is also the birthplace of Marques Avenue. It is a choice destination for fans of stock clearance stores and shopaholics on the trail of name brands and smart shopping.

Discover the center
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